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The Amos Madra Show

Hello and welcome to the Amos Madra show where we talk to people who have defied all odds, trail blazed the way and given us hope.

Oct 31, 2022

Ify Iwobi is a Wales born & bred, Award Winning Welsh/Nigerian Contemporary Pianist, Songwriter, Composer and Producer.


Ifys original piece Flying High was performed by the Royal Airforce Regimental Band/ Ensemble and released in December 2021.


Ify plays a wide variety of genres and compose from Pop,...

Oct 21, 2022

Jamie Dapaah is the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator at Fulham Football Club and Addidas Sports inclusivity author.


Through his life experiences and personal journey growing up in an underrepresented community, Jamie can relate to the matters the younger generation and ethnic minorities face in society...

Oct 16, 2022

Angela Karanja is a world renowned adolescent psychologist and parenting teenagers expert and the bestselling author of the young adult book SMUGGLED tackling the issues of child trafficking and exploitation.
Angela rose from an extremely impoverished background and childhood abuse and like a lotus thrived despite the...

Oct 16, 2022

John Haines is the CEO and Manager of Projekts MCR, a Skatepark and Café located under the Mancunian Way flyover.


You can find out more about John Haines at @projektsmcr Web: .


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Oct 15, 2022

100 Episodes of the Amos Madra Show!


To celebrate, here are some of the Most Impactful Moments:

Rowetta - Tells us aboout finding her passion for misuc.

Mr. Ish Oshodi - Has an abundance of wisdom to share throughout the interview.

Goldie Karinate - Speaks about the power of visualisation and how it has brought to her...