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The Amos Madra Show

Hello and welcome to the Amos Madra show where we talk to people who have defied all odds, trail blazed the way and given us hope.

Mar 25, 2022

Dr. Daniel Olaiya and Dr. Raphael Olaiya are identical twins brothers, medical doctors and captivating story tellers, this energetic duo combine the excitement of cutting edge science and technology with their relatable, cool and funky style.

With a wealth of experience being in front of the camera across various genres of presenting and journalism they also have experience in emergency, pre hospital/extreme environments medicine and medical technology/innovation.

The O-twins on screen style is organic and playful whilst being able to deliver a message or story line. Their relatable back and forth banter brings any narrative to life.

You can catch the twins on CBBC's Operation Ouch or BBC iPlayer.

You can find out more about Dr Daniel Olaiya at and & Dr Raphael Olaiya @drraphaelll.

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